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Your design

We adjust the design according to your wishes and create your very own webpage. Colors, logo, fonts and more - all comes customized for you. Because your vision counts!

Your content

You'll get three boxes where we will fill in your content, images and texts.

Contact form

A fully functional contact form is included out of the box.



Our very own CMS

You value independence and want to be able to make minor changes to your website yourself? Manage your entire web presence, united in one place. You have everything under control!
Do you want to make small adjustments to texts? Do you want to replace an image? Do the opening times have to be adjusted? Or do you even want to add a complete new subpage? No problem with EasyWeb, our very own Content Management System (CMS)!

All modern, all fresh, all about style

Show off with a slick design and smooth animations. Boring was yesterday.

Be ready for your success - Be SEO ready

Your premium website is already SEO optimized out of the box. Get a good search engine placement and lay the path for your success!







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    Sie wünschen sich einen persönlichen Internetauftritt nach individuellen Maßstäben zu günstigen Konditionen? Lassen Sie uns gemeinsam Ihren ganz persönlichen Traum vom Internetauftritt verwirklichen. - mit unseren Package Angeboten oder ganz individuell. Sie schätzen Unabhängigkeit und möchten kleinere Änderungen auf Ihrer Webseite selber vornehmen können? Verwalten Sie Ihren gesamten Web Auftritt, an einem Ort vereint mit unserem hauseigenen CMS EasyWeb.